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Large format UV digital printing: How Gen-Eco is creating visual impact on a grand scale

Large format UV digital printing: How Gen-Eco is creating visual impact on a grand scale

Gen-Eco Environmental Wood Products, in conjunction with Rawinkk, are setting new standards in providing more options for high-quality innovative products. Aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and durable, large-format UV cured digital printing offers endless printing possibilities.

What is large format UV digital printing?

A large format digital printer has many unique features. By utilising a specially developed UV cured ink, it is capable of printing directly onto a wide variety of substrates while maintaining colour and clarity of the printed image. Do you love the look of recycled and distressed timber? Gen-Eco Environmental Wood Products can replicate the look of weathered timber in panel form which can greatly reduce installation costs. 

What can large format UV digital printing be used on?

With an extensive selection of patterns and images to choose from, including a variety of timber species, metal and even concrete, the possibilities are endless. At Gen-Eco Environmental Wood Products, our range of printable substrates includes:

  • Balsa/MDF, plywood, MDF and OSB
  • Glass, acrylic and polycarbonate
  • Echopanel
  • CFC/FC, aluminium beams and acoustic panels (all Group 1 Fire Rated)
  • PVC foamboard, laminate and ACM panels

Compressed fibre cement

What are the advantages of large format digital printing?

  • Beams and panels used internally do not require any additional coating and are ready for installation.
  • Flexibility in choice of image or pattern.
  • More than one graphic can be overlaid to produce stunning results.
  • Client specific branding can be achieved.
  • Expensive and hard to get timbers can be printed in large quantities.
  • Colour toning of a chosen timber can be made to suit a particular project or application.
  • Realistic beams that look like timber, concrete, metal or anything you can imagine are now achievable.

Large format digital printing – theEcolite advantage

The use of solid timber for a decorative application such as ceiling beams is no longer sustainable. Natural timber being a valuable and diminishing resource means that cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives must be sourced. Ecolite beams reduce the demand on solid timber due to the fact that most installations are non-structural and purely decorative. At the core of the Ecolite beam is lightweight Balsa with 4.75mm MDF skins which means the beams stay straight and are not prone to warping or twisting. For internal applications, beams do not require any coating and are ready for installation upon delivery. Printing can be done on various substrates to allow matching of ceiling beams and wall panels. Beams can be produced to replicate just about any timber species, metal or even concrete, and more than one graphic can be overlaid and printed at the same time.

Large format digital printing – can I supply my own images?

Yes. Simply select an image we can print using the following files: JPEG/TIFF/Vector (.eps)/Direct scans. Clients can supply their own files or choose from a growing number of stock images. Many clients choose to select from stock libraries such as Shutterstock.

Where can I view examples of large format digital printing?

From Gold Coast Airport to the Brisbane Lions Australian Football Club, examples of Gen-Eco’s work is displayed in venues throughout Australia.

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At Gen-Eco Environmental Wood Products, we provide a complete in-house solution. For more information, chat to our experienced team on 07 3807 9308.

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