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Here’s What You
Need To Know

 No, Balsa is designed for use as a decorative, non-structural product.

Balsa can be digitally printed (Rawinkk), overlaid with timber veneer, vinyl, laminate and painted.

Balsa/MDF composite panels have a Group 3 fire rating.

Yes, our Balsa is sourced from internationally certified plantations. Typically a tree takes 4 years to grow from seeding to harvesting.

As a standard option 2700 x 1800mm is our largest, however other sizes are available on request.

Yes, we can supply sheets up to 3660 x 1220 (Falcata) and 3050 x 1530 (Birch)

Imagine a cubic metre (100cm x 100cm x 100cm). Our Falcata plywood is 350m3, CD Radiata Plywood is 600m2 and MDF is 800m3

The surface has the same wear factors as melamine board making it ideal for ceiling beams and wall panels without the need for additional coating.

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