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Gen-Eco’s sustainable solutions are taking the pressure off the building industry

Property prices are rising but, up and down the building supply chain, there are major delays and soaring costs due to the global timber shortage. Brisbane company Gen-Eco Environmental Wood Products is taking the pressure off the building industry by offering a wide selection of sustainable solutions that are perfect for all types of construction projects.

What types of sustainable solutions does Gen-Eco offer?

Working with sustainable products is ‘cleaner and greener’ than using traditional timber. Gen-Eco Environmental Wood Products offers a wide selection of eco-friendly products, including balsa, plywood, clear ply, specialty MDF, FR aluminium beams, natural timber veneer and more. Many Gen-Eco products have the added benefit of being non-combustible, making them the ideal solution to meet any Group 1 Fire Rated design needs.

Birch Plywood – Standard

Gen-Eco’s Birch plywood is a multi-layered plywood panel manufactured from 1.5mm thick veneers which produce a panel of uniform appearance. The slow growth produces veneer that is close-grained and of a consistent high quality. Birch Plywood is suitable for wall and ceiling panels, cabinetry and joinery, shopfitting and furniture.

Birch Plywood – Jumbo 3050mm A/B Multiply

Gen-Eco’s long-grain rotary spliced veneer A/B Birch is the only long band 100% Birch Plywood available in Australia. The face and back are spliced rotary veneers. The A face of the 1220mm sheet has a maximum of 6 leaves per face whilst the 1530mm sheet has a maximum of 8 leaves. These panels are suitable for clear finished wall and ceiling panels and all joinery applications where traditional cross-banded (4 x 8) panels would be used.

Natural Timber Veneer

The process for Natural Timber Veneers (NTV) is to take a thin layer of veneer which is sliced from a log. Individual veneers are assembled into the required sheet size and then bonded to a variety of panel options. Veneered panels are available on MDF, Particleboard and Plywood on a variety of thickness options. Gen-Eco’s range is selected from natural Australian hardwoods, rustic veneers and reconstituted veneers.

Exterior MDF

Gen-Eco Exterior MDF is a medium-density fibreboard (MDF) made from select wooden fibres. These fibres are bound with formaldehyde-free (E0) PMDI glues under high pressure and temperature. Applications include outdoor kitchens, outdoor furniture, exterior wall and ceiling linings, exterior doors, flooring, skirting and window framing.

Non-combustible Versipanel

Ideal for external applications such as soffit linings and insulated wall panels, Versipanel opens a world of opportunities for architects and designers. Choose from Gen-Eco’s extensive collection of timber grains or select your own imagery via libraries such as Shutterstock.

Non-combustible FR Aluminium Beams

FR Aluminium Beams are non-combustible with a melting point of 600+°C. Gen-Eco offers a wide range of timber images for aluminium ceiling beams and vertical battens.Easy to install, FR aluminium beams are the ideal solution to meet any Group 1 Fire Rated design needs. Applications include vertical and horizontal beams, ceiling fins and screens.

Non-combustible Acoustic Panels

Gen-Eco’s acoustic panels have many benefits, including sound attenuation, low VOC emissions and 60% recycled.

Non-combustible FR MDF (Group 2)

FR MDF is perfect for wall and ceiling applications along with joinery.

Gen-Eco – a proud family owned and operated Australian business

At Gen-Eco, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint without compromising quality and versatility. Dedicated to environmentally sustainable forestry harvesting, we source the best eco-friendly solutions from around Australia and throughout the world.

Browse our product brochures or view our project gallery here.

For complete in-house sustainable solutions, chat to our experienced team on 07 3807 9308. You can also find us on Facebook.

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