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Innovative Creative Imagery Solutions

Creative Imagery

The Creative Imagery solution from Gen-Eco allows you as the designer of the project the freedom to explore and develop your own vision. Our imagery process allows flexibility both within the substrates you want to work with, along with the type of graphic your client, an architect or designer is trying to achieve.

As an example, Versipanel allows for a non-combustible solution for soffit panels, whilst Ecolite provides a lightweight ceiling beam range of timbers.

Gen-Eco has an extensive range of images as a starting point,  and our imagery process also allows you the flexibility to change features like colour, tone, grain structure, size etc, so the final custom result is unique to YOUR project. Whilst a lot of our projects feature timber, you can work with geometric patterns, concrete, or your own unique design. These can be sourced by you from Shutterstock etc, or your client can supply their own corporate images.

Our range of substrates is extensive including:

Internal Application - Balsa/MDF / Plywood / MDF / Aluminium / Versipanel & FC / Acrylic / Glass / Foamboard
External Applications – Versipanel & FC / Aluminium
Non-Combustible Applications - Versipanel & FC / Aluminium / Acoustic Panelling / FR MDF (Group 2)

Downloadable PDFs Below:

  • Ecolite Brochure 2020

  • Creative Imagery

  • Ecolite Featured Projects

  • Versipanel

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