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Stunning ceilings

From exposed Ecolite Beams to contemporary decorative plywood ceiling panels, Gen-Eco offers a wide range of stunning ceilings that are light in weight and gentle on budgets.

Stunning ceilings from Gen-Eco – the smart choice

The style of ceiling has a major impact on the design of a residential or commercial space. Exposed beams are perfect for both rustic and modern buildings, while decorative plywood panels can enhance a contemporary space. Gen-Eco ‘s ceiling solutions are specified by architects and designers due to the use of sustainable materials, adaptability and affordability. Gen-Eco solutions are the perfect alternative to solid timber which is rapidly becoming scarce and expensive due to logging and the long time it takes for most trees to grow.

Stunning ceilings – Ecolite Beams

Three times lighter than MDF yet deceptively strong and durable, Ecolite Beams are a stylish and sophisticated way to make an impact in residential and commercial projects. Popular non-structural interior applications include hospitality, offices, retail and shopping centres. Ecolite Beams are easy to install and available in a wide range of high-quality finishes – including dark distressed oak, walnut timber grain, blackbutt, grey ironbark and many more. With Ecolite Beams, you are not confined by shape or thickness. Gen-Eco can produce structures in varying lengths and shapes, offering endless design possibilities. Ecolite Beams are available in your choice of timber veneers, laminates, vinyl and digital print. The beams offer excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation, along with high strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio. Check out the Ecolite ‘standard depth and thickness guide’ here. View the ‘weight guide by beam length and depth guide’ here.

Stunning ceilings – Gen-Eco European Birch Plywood

High-grade decorative Birch Plywood is perfect for ceiling and wall panelling. It can be used for solid, slotted and perforated panels. The multi-layered plywood panels are manufactured from 1.5mm thick veneers which produce a panel of uniform appearance. It is produced from slow growing plantation logs sourced across the northern hemisphere from Russia to Scandinavia. The slow growth produces veneer that is close-grained and of a consistent high quality. European Birch Plywood is also available in ‘Jumbo’ – 3050mm A/B Multi-ply Long-grain Rotary Spiced Veneer. It is the only long band 100% birch plywood available in Australia. The A face of the 1200mm sheet has a maximum of 8 leaves. View the sheet sizes and weights here.

Stunning ceilings – FR Aluminium Beams

Utilising the unique advantages of digital printing, Gen Eco’s FR Aluminium Beams are made of non-combustible aluminium. Featuring a melting point of 600+ °C, FR Aluminium Beams are the ideal solution to meet any Group 1 Fire Rated design needs. Gen-Eco can scan real timber as a starting point to create a realistic aesthetic. Choose from over 25 ‘off the shelf’ timbers or start from scratch with your own timber.

Gen-Eco – a proud family owned and operated Australian business

At Gen-Eco, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint without compromising quality and versatility. Dedicated to environmentally sustainable forestry harvesting, we source the best eco-friendly solutions from around Australia and throughout the world. Browse our product brochures or view our project gallery here.

For complete in-house sustainable solutions, chat to our experienced team on 07 3807 9308. You can also find us on Facebook.

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