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Beautiful Balsa: benefits and applications

The use of Balsa timber in the ceilings of restaurants, cafes and kitchens has been a popular trend for several years. Balsa is unique from other woods. Its properties make it ideal as a core for sandwich construction. It has extremely high strength and stiffness to weight ratios and achieves an excellent bond with all types of resins and adhesives. Want to know more about Balsa? You can read the Balsa story here.

Beautiful Balsa: Endgrain Panels

Gen-Eco Balsa Endgrain Panels are produced from certified plantation Balsa. Sandwich structures using Gen-Eco Balsa create a light and strong product. Balsa end-grain configuration creates optimal physical properties due to the honeycomb-like cell structure.

Beautiful balsa: Composite panels

Gen-Eco Composite Panels are a Balsa/MDF panel comprising of a Balsa core in any thickness which is sandwiched between Medium Density Fibreboard skins on both faces. Typically, the MDF skins will be 4.75mm. This lamination process creates an incredibly strong, stable and lightweight panel. They are ideal for any application which would traditionally use Particleboard, MDF, Plywood or other panel products. The standard stocked option is 4.75mm MDF skins, but other thicknesses such as 3mm and 6mm are available on request.

Beautiful Balsa: lightweight solid core doors

Gen-Eco can supply a diverse range of custom-built doors. By using Balsa or Falcatta as the core material, we have provided lightweight solutions for many projects. In addition to our extensive range of sizes, Gen-Eco can also coordinate faces with timber veneers or large format digital printing.

Lightweight solid core door: applications and benefits

Lightweight solid core doors are ideal for retail, commercial, residential and educational spaces. Benefits include:

  • Lightweight
  • Moisture resistant
  • Customisability of face finish
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Reduction of installation and transport costs

Beautiful Balsa: Ecolite Beams

The use of Balsa in the ceilings of restaurants, cafes and kitchens has been a popular trend for several years. With Gen-Ecolite Beams, you are not confined by shape or thickness. We can produce structures with thicknesses of up to 98mm in varying shapes and lengths. They are available in timber veneers, laminates, vinyls and digital print.

Beautiful Balsa: CameraPro, Newstead

In this striking showroom setting, Gen-Eco’s Ecolite beams were for a feature ceiling in a camera store. The designer wanted to achieve the look of a camera lens closing up.

Beautiful Balsa: Currumbin RSL

The Currumbin RSL is a perfect example of how Balsa can be used as a striking ceiling feature. This stunning feature above the bar was manufactured using Gen-Eco’s Ecolite beams with digitally printed Tasmanian Oak woodgrain. The digital file was specially colour toned for the architect so it would match other joinery elements in the fit-out.

Gen-Eco: leading the way in environmental wood products

Are you considering Balsa for your next project? Gen-Eco has the perfect solution to meet your design requirements and budget. Gen-Eco is a family-owned supplier of environmentally friendly and sustainably produced timber building materials, including balsa, plywood, specialty MDF, large format digital printing and more.

If you’d like to know more about our products, please call our friendly staff at Gen-Eco on 07 3807 9308 and we’d be happy to answer all your questions and arrange a free quote.

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