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Versipanel – the versatile, non-combustible solution

With changes to fire regulations, products such as plywood are no longer suitable for soffit lining in shopping centres and schools. True to its name, Versipanel is proving to be an attractive, versatile and non-combustible solution. Opening a world of opportunities for architects and designers, Versipanel is perfect for soffit, wall and ceiling cladding.

What is Versipanel?

Versipanel is a structural insulated wall system, offering an insulated core with the strength of a hidden 90mm x 45mm timber internal framing system. Versipanel can be manufactured with a combination of fibre cement or oriented strand board skins to satisfy your desired finish, whether that be a rendered, texture painted or cladded exterior.

Does Versipanel meet Brisbane City Council fire regulations?

Yes. Versipanel is non-combustible. According to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), non-combustible means:

  • Applied to a material – not deemed combustible as determined by AS 1530.1 – Combustibility Tests for Materials; and
  • Applied to construction or part of a building – constructed wholly of materials that are not deemed to be combustible.

What is Versipanel used for?

With a variety of interior and exterior options available, Versipanel insulated sandwich panels can be used in a range of commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Project ideas include:

  • Soffit, wall and ceiling cladding
  • Acoustic portable studio partitions or office dividers
  • Patio enclosures
  • Caravan annexes
  • Home extensions
  • Granny flats and holiday cabins

What are the advantages of Versipanel?

  • Able to be flat packed to the most remote of building sites, with quick and easy installation
  • Any digital image can be applied to Versipanel fibre cement panels
  • Available in a range of sizes and styles
  • Economical
  • Superior sound-dampening capabilities
  • Classed as non-combustible, Versipanel gives you certainty that you are meeting the new and more stringent BCC fire regulations.
  • No middleman – Locally made in Brisbane, Versipanel is distributed nationally with quick production and delivered to site ready to install.
  • Panels can be coated with standard UV protection plus UV and anti-graffiti for low areas that may be subject to malicious damage.

What types of images can I print on Versipanel fibre cement panels?

An expanding niche market is applying custom graphics onto fibre cement which has been cut into tiles. This allows walls to be tiled in external situations but incorporating your choice of graphic images. Your choice of image is only limited by your imagination.

Where can I source quality images for my Versipanel project?

Choose from Gen-Eco’s extensive collection of timber grains or select your own via libraries such as Shutterstock. For more information, go to the Gen-Eco website or call us on 07 3807 9308.

Where can I view examples of Versipanel on display?

Versipanel features in buildings throughout Australia. You can view some of our projects in our digital brochure or on Facebook.

Gen-Eco – a proud family owned and operated Australian business

Located in Stapylton, Brisbane, Gen-Eco is a family-owned supplier of Environmental Wood Products, including Versipanel, balsa, plywood, specialty MDF, large format digital printing and more. For complete in-house sustainable solutions, chat to the Gen-Eco experienced team on 07 3807 9308. You can also find Gen-Eco on Facebook.

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