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Non-combustible solutions are a hot topic

Non-combustible solutions are a hot topic

Non-combustible, fire-resistant solutions help inhibit fire spread, maintain structural integrity and limit the spread of fire and smoke, providing safe buildings for occupants and added peace of mind for project specifiers. Gen-Eco Environmental Wood Products can provide numerous non-combustible solutions.

What does non-combustible mean?

According to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), non-combustible means:

  • Applied to a material – not deemed combustible as determined by AS 1530.1 – Combustibility Tests for Materials; and
  • Applied to construction or part of a building – constructed wholly of materials that are not deemed to be combustible.

Non-combustible solutions at Gen-Eco

Gen-Eco Environmental Wood Products can provide solutions on various non-combustible products. These include Versipanel, Aluminium, Acoustic Panels and Fire Rated MDF (FR MDF).


Ideal for external applications, Versipanel is available in a range of sizes and styles to suit soffit and ceiling cladding. After having an image applied the fibre cement non-combustible panels will be coated with standard UV protection plus UV and anti-graffiti for low areas that may be subject to malicious damage.

Aluminium is a non-combustible material with a melting point of 600+ °C. With Gen-Eco’s large range of creative imagery options and simple installation methods, these non-combustible aluminium beams and vertical battens are an ideal solution to meet any Group 1 Fire Rated design requirements. Readily available and easy to install, with a wide range of printed options, designs are limited only by your imagination.

Standard Aluminium Beam Sizes Available
Length – 3000mm 
Thickness – 50mm
Standard Depths – 100mm and 150mm

Acoustic panels
Providing superior sound absorption for large spaces, Gen-Eco’s non-combustible acoustic panels have benefits such as sound attenuation and low VOC emissions. Because they are 60% recycled, they are an earth-friendly choice.

FR MDF (Group 2)
Not all public spaces require Group 1 fire rated materials, so our Fire Rated MDF (FR MDF (Group 2) is the perfect choice for Group 2 areas. Perfect for wall and ceiling applications along with joinery, FR MDF is a high-density MDF with a finely sanded surface and screwable core. It is often used in the shopfitting and commercial industry. A suitable substrate for Creative Imagery applications.

Get creative with cost-effective non-combustible materials

Concrete, ironbark, hardwood, oak, weathered timber – when you’re thinking about ceiling beams, these products are usually associated with complex installations and skyrocketing budgets. At Gen-Eco Environmental Products, the solution is our Creative Imagery process. We can help you identify the correct non-combustible product for your project, without impacting the creative brief. With a range of timbers and concrete-look patterns that can be applied directly onto a range of substrates, we can not only dramatically reduce project costs but also help achieve a natural look as well as a Group 1 fire-rating. If you need a creative, yet highly functional solution for your next project, give us a call to find out how our Creative Imagery solution can turn a challenge into an opportunity.

Gen-Eco is a family-owned supplier of environmental wood products, including balsa, plywood, specialty MDF, and more. You can browse our project gallery here. For complete in-house sustainable solutions, chat to our experienced team on 07 3807 9308. You can also find us on Facebook.

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