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Natural timber veneer – the versatile and cost-effective solution

Natural Timber Veneers are available from Gen-Eco on a range of substrates including Balsa Ecolite for ceiling beams and vertical fins, MDF, Particleboard and Plywood.

Why do architects enjoy designing and working with natural timber veneer?

Wood veneer is loved for its versatility in joinery and designs. It enables uses of a species that might be difficult to acquire or a grain pattern that is not possible or practical to achieve in solid timber. Architects appreciate having the opportunity to creatively and affordably use a natural and sustainable product.

What are the key benefits of working with natural timber veneer?

Used in interior applications for furniture, joinery, wall and ceiling paneling, timber veneer can be pressed onto a wide variety of substrates.

In addition to the vast range of species available to use, the benefits of veneer allow for more ambitious designs within reasonable budgets. This allows architects to explore the possibilities of using stronger, bolder timbers. Ensuring a closely matched grain pattern is another key benefit of using veneer.

What variety of timber veneers are available at Gen-Eco?

The Gen-Eco range is selected from the following:

  • Natural Australian Hardwood Species
  • Rustic Veneers
  • Smoked Veneers
  • Dyed Eucalyptus Veneers
  • Reconstituted Veneers

Why is natural timber veneer considered an eco-friendly option?

Natural timber veneer requires a core substrate material such as MDF or Particleboard. It is considered an environmentally conscious option because you’re maximising a timber log by slicing it into thin flitches or veneers. On average, one cubic metre of solid timber will convert into 1000m2 of veneer. Specifying natural timber veneers from Gen-Eco can bring down the cost dramatically.

Gen-Eco – a proud family owned and operated Australian business

At Gen-Eco, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint without compromising quality and versatility. Dedicated to environmentally sustainable forestry harvesting, we source the best eco-friendly solutions from around Australia and the world. Browse our product brochures or view our project gallery here.

For complete in-house sustainable solutions, chat to our experienced team on 07 3807 9308. You can also find us on Facebook.


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