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How are businesses becoming more sustainable?

A business will be able to grow over the long run if it is less dependent on natural resources and can cope with higher costs due to climate change. We outline how Australian businesses are becoming more sustainable.

What are the benefits of becoming a more sustainable business?

A modern business environment must respect economics, social justice and environmental sustainability. Running an eco-friendly business has many benefits. Here’s what businesses can do to reduce the impact on the environment and preserve natural resources.

Go paperless

Use products that are made from recycled timber

Look at your business activities to see if you can do anything differently. E.g., You can reduce air travel by holding Zoom calls instead of interstate meetings. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint – you’ll save time and money too.

Logistical equipment is another factor worth weighing up for its environmental impact. Businesses less focused on IT could replace energy-intensive machines like desktop PCs with smaller appliances like laptops or tablets for their admin. Retailers looking to cut costs on supply could consider alternative methods of supply like electronic or hybrid.

Recycling reduces costs

eusing and recycling can lower your costs. For example, a few simple changes to how you deal with paper can involve your staff in environmentally friendly processes while saving you money. Planet Ark, in partnership with the EPA, has produced a Business Recycling directory, an online directory and associated hotline that make recycling easier for small to medium-sized businesses. The hotline answers enquiries while the directory lists suppliers for recycling equipment. Recycling businesses can register their services and equipment free of charge.

Businesses that practice sustainability can attract new customers

Promoting your eco-friendly methods can set your business apart from your competitors and attract new customers who want to buy products and services from an environmentally friendly business. Before making any environmental claims about your products, you should read the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s green marketing and the Australian Consumer Law to help you comply with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (which replaced the Trade Practices Act 1974 on 1 January 2011).

‘Green’ Concrete

Launched in April 2021, ECOPact is a lower carbon concrete developed by Holcim Australia. With ECOPact, the carbon intensity can be reduced by 30-60 per cent by replacing the standard cement with alternative materials. These include industrial by-products like fly ash, blast furnace slag or silica fume. In an Australian first, Holcim provides the opportunity to offset any remaining embodied carbon from ECOPact concrete. Known as ECOPactZERO, this means the concrete component of a job can be carbon neutral.

Green energy

WePower marketplace connects companies directly with green energy generators so that all companies can buy electricity at competitive rates with full transparency. It is the easiest way for companies of any size to buy green energy directly from local producers.

Gen-Eco Environmental Wood Products

Based in Brisbane, Gen-Eco specialise in producing environmentally sustainable design solutions. The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint without compromising quality and versatility. Dedicated to environmentally sustainable forestry harvesting, Gen-Eco source the best eco-friendly solutions from around Australia and the world. Find out more about Gen-Eco plywood here. Browse Gen-Eco’s product brochures or view the project gallery here.

How does Brisbane City Council promote sustainable development for businesses?

Brisbane City Council promotes sustainable development for businesses with the aid of events such as the Green Heart Fair, rebates and programs such as WaterSmart StrategyBrisbane’s Total Water Cycle Management Plan and our Sustainability policy.

Gen-Eco – a proud family owned and operated Australian business

For complete in-house sustainable solutions, chat to the Gen-Eco experienced team on 07 3807 9308. You can also find Gen-Eco on Facebook.


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